a font for programming and code review
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___ ___ |\\ /|| | \\ / || | \\/ || _|_ ' _||_

ononoki is a typeface by Matthias Tellen, created to enhance code formatting.
# how to ace an interview for i in xrange(1, 101): if i % 15 == 0: print "mononoki" elif i % 3 == 0: print "mono" elif i % 5 == 0: print "noki" else: print i
________ |/ || \| || || _||_

his is a universal requirement for source code typography.
It's not just a historic artifact from the olden days of terminals, but a useful convention to allow two dimensional structuring and highlighting differences on the character level.
works well on
resolution displays
____ || \\ ||_// ||\\ _||_\\_

ight now we are in the transition to high resolution displays, bringing font rendering quality on screen to the realms of print quality. But we're not there yet, and especially on cheap laptops and typical office displays this transition will not be accomplished in the foreseeable future. So the glyphs must survive being squashed into a grid of a few pixels extremely well, but I still wanted to design them with attention to detail although it is only visible in print or on retina displays.
differentiation of characters
|1lI B8 CDO0
_______ || \| ||__ || _||__/|

very character is clearly distinguishable from similar looking characters. While this seems obvious, it comes with costs, like inferior long-text readability and a less consistent appearance. I wanted to reach this goal with minimal tradeoffs.
mononoki is free, but tips are appreciated ;)
AÁĂÂÄÀĀĄÅÃÆBCĆČÇĈDÐĎĐEÉĚÊËĖÈĒĘFGĜHĤIIJÍÎÏÌĪĮJĴKLĹĽĿŁMNŃŇÑOÓÔÖÒŐŌØÕŒPÞQRŔŘSŚŠŞŜTŦŤUÚŬÛÜÙŰŪŲŮVWŴXYÝŶŸZŹŽŻŢaáăâäàāąåãæbcćčçĉdðďđeéěêëėèēęfgĝhĥiıíîïìijīįjȷĵklĺľŀłmnńňñoóôöòőōøõœpþqrŕřsśšşŝßtŧťuúŭûüùűūţųůvwŵxyýŷÿzźžżªºАБВГЃДЕЁЖЗИЙКЌЛМНОПРСТУФХЧЦШЩЬЪЫЅЭІЇЈЮЯӀӢӮабвгѓдеёжзийкќлмнопрстуфхчцшщьъыѕэіјюяһӣӯΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩαβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρστυφχψω0123456789½¼¾*\·:,!¡#.?¿"';/_{}[]()-«»  ¢¤$ƒ£¥+×÷=><±~¬µ%@&§©®°|¦^̣´˘ˇ¸ˆ¨˙`˝¯˛˚˜